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More On The UMC

Want to know more about the United Methodist Church?

Check out these websites to learn more.
The official online ministry of The United Methodist Church
A listing of the Boards and agencies that carry out the work of the United Methodist Church nationally and internationally.
The website of The General Board of Discipleship, which provides updated resources for Christian growth and weekly worship.
The website of the General Board of Global Ministry, which is the mission arm of the church.
The arm of the United Methodist Church that deals with relief from the Board of Global Ministries.  UMCOR, as the United Methodists affectionately call this ministry, is administratively self-sustaining, so all contributions go directly to the needed relief.
The website that stretches the United Methodist Church to deal with the social issues facing all people based upon the churches allegiance to Christian social principles.
The official website of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church containing news and information about the Conference in which our Church serves.